You know that you are a student at UL when on…

You know that you are a student at UL when on…

Those 5 events that give your week its tempo, by University of Limerick International student Marion Lang

Monday is the Open-Mic Night

Your week-end is over, unfortunately. (Tears)

Now another week is waiting for you and you have to face the worst day ever: Monday.

But going to the Open-Mic Night in Stables must only be the best way to start the week and even being excited about Mondays!

Just the time for a Guinness or two and you have the opportunity to discover for free the hidden musical talents of your University. And if you play an instrument and sing well, you might even be in the front of the stage and make the show! After three songs, a free drink will be your reward.

A night that mixes the voices, the instruments, the genres, the repertoires and even the personalities!

Tuesday is the Farmers Market


It is sure that I will find you in the Student’s Courtyard from 12 pm to 2pm and you are so right to be there!

The shopkeepers of the Milk-Market present in the city-centre during week-ends gather in a small group so we have the chance to benefit of their yummy food. But who said a small group necessarily means small choices? You are mistaken!

You will hesitate for a long time before making up your mind. First the curry smell will make you lean towards the Indian food but then you will notice those bagels that you can transform in a delicious pizza or salmon sandwich. But wait… Is it written sushi? With your tasty meal, you can add a fresh smoothie. And for dessert, I suggest you one (or two?) of these little cakes over here or one slide of chocolate to dunk in the hot coffee sold just here!

Alright, alright, I understand, you need more time to choose, it is okay! Why not pick this today and try something else next Tuesday?

Wednesday is the Traditional Night


Go to the Scholars for a perfect Irish night and discover what the ‘craic’ really means!

You will be entertained by the half students, half musicians to make you spend a great night and make you discover an important part of Irish culture.  And if you decided to take the module “introduction to Irish music and dance”, you even have some examples to illustrate your course!

 …Or the Karaoke Night

 But if you want to give the pride to yourself and show your singing talents to everyone, you better go to the Stables. In exchange of a free drink, you can pretend during a few minutes to be a famous singer and even imagine that there are some of your groupies in the public.


On Thursday, take a rest, study or else you can pay attention to the social networks because the party is never the same! It’s usually a night for heading into town, ladies night means free entry to Icon. It’s a night out with friends or a night in to study. Thursday can mean both!

 Friday is International Night – T.G.I.F.

 It is the famous night of the week. Always with a theme, it all happens in Stables.

Every people from different nationalities are gathered to celebrate the start of the week-end. But do not show up too late! Otherwise you might pay a little something to be part of the party.

Raise your hand when you hear “Is there any (your nationality] in the house??” or raise it another time if you want to belong to different one for the night.

It is the kind of party when you ‘shut up and dance’, or should I say ‘danza kudoro’, where you will ‘feel the magic in the air’ thanks to the music to finally realise that with the people you met this semester or this year that ‘friendship never ends’ is true.

By University of Limerick International Student Marion Lang

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