What comes after making international friends abroad?


Now, those of you who are new to UL or will come in the next years; you’ll have been told a thousand times that when you finish your semester or year abroad, the worst part is to say goodbye to all those international friends you made. It is true, of course; but if you are like me, always seeking for new places to visit; then, I’ve got good news for you!! Your time with your friends from abroad are not finished yet and neither are your adventures!

Last semester I made friends from all over the world, but one who is slightly more special and I feel closer to is a friend from Sweden. And…Guess what?! I made it to Sweden during the inter-term break after Christmas and had a great time in Stockholm with my friend!


Stortorget, Stockholm.

Another good thing about making friends abroad is the chance you’ve got to experience things that are different from your home country. In my case, I had never seen snow before, until that time. When I could see Stockholm covered in white from the window in the plane… Oh, my god! What great views! It was stunning! I was like a child when they first see snow. I even made my own angel on the snow! 😉 Here’s a picture of myself celebrating snow like a kid!


Brünsgatan, Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

And last but not least, another wonderful thing that you get to experience when visiting your friends abroad is their home countries’ food, but better than that is when they cook that homemade food for you! Or as Swedes may say ‘husmanskost’. Here’s a photo of my friend cooking.


Södermalm, Stockholm.

Let me introduce you to the Swedish cuisine a little bit: this is stuvade makaroner och falukorv. Delicious! One of the thing that I find very interesting in Swedish cuisine is the fact that they eat a little bit of everything. There is always some of ‘this’ and ‘that’ on their plates. In Spain we only eat one main thing at a time!


Tasting a delicious stuvade makaroner och falukorv in Sweden

Here’s to my first blog for the International Student Ambassador Programme! I hope you liked it and I am really looking forward to keep on sharing my experience in UL with you guys! Hej då!

By University of Limerick International Student Rocio Ramirez

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