Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year in UL

By Xiaoyu Lin

For all the Chinese, Chinese Lunar New Year (also called the Spring Festival), is undoubtedly the most important thing for a year. Weeks or even one month before the New Year’s Eve, families especially grandparents tend to be very busy preparing traditional food, snacks for visiting relatives and new clothes. The process of preparing for the festival is really interesting and usually works to unite the whole family. Unfortunately this year, I couldn’t celebrate this festival with my families as usual since I’m in Ireland. However, because of my friends, I did not feel lonely at all.


Dinner at Chung’s Restaurant in Castletroy

Then on the New Year’s Eve, my friends and I decided to celebrate together. The house was decorated by Spring Festival scrolls and balloons, and of course they are in red colour. For this big dinner which in China is often seen as the most important dinner throughout a year, we prepared lots of Chinese food especially dumplings. Following the Chinese tradition, we put a coin in one of the dumplings, which means a person who gets this dumpling will be really lucky in the coming year. With interesting games and the lively Spring Festival Gala on the screen, this New Year made me feel the warmth of home and encouraged me to do better in the coming year.


(The big dinner for the Spring Festival)

header ied

(Friends were making dumplings together!)


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