Third Level Graduate Scheme

UL Graduates!

Are you an international student from outside of the EEA who has just graduated from UL? You might be interested in the third level graduate scheme. This scheme lets you live and work in Ireland for 2 years after you graduate.


The purpose of this Scheme is to allow legally resident non-EEA third level graduates to remain in Ireland for the purpose of seeking employment and applying for a Green Card or Work Permit.

Who can Apply?

A non-EEA student who has just acquired a primary, masters or doctorate degree from UL will be permitted to apply for the Scheme. The student at the time of application must hold a current Certificate of Registration issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau.

How to apply

An application for permission to remain under this Scheme may be made at the applicant’s local Garda Síochána registration office, in Limerick, this is Henry Street Garda Station. If you are now living in the Dublin area, to the Garda National Immigration Bureau, 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.

Documents required when making an application

  • An original letter signed by the College Registrar (on the headed paper of the College) stating that the applicant has completed the course of study satisfactorily and the date results were made available. This can be requested from the UL international Office here.
  • Current passport.
  • Existing GNIB Card
  • Medical Insurance for the 24 months.
  • Official UL transcripts.

Permission to remain Persons who qualify under this scheme will be granted one non-renewable extension to their current student permission (Stamp 2) for a twenty-four month period starting on the date upon which the person receives their exam results.

The purpose of the permission to remain under this Scheme is to seek employment and gain a Green Card or Work Permit.


A person granted an extension to their permission to remain under this Scheme shall be subject to the terms and conditions of that person’s current student permission during the twenty-four month period.

Work hours

During the twenty-four month period the person shall be allowed to work for up to 40 hours per week without an employment permit. They cannot engage in self employment or operate a business in the State.

Further information and details on how to apply can be obtained on the following website.

Call Immigration at Henry Street Garda station for more information.

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