Study Abroad – My Rollercoaster

By UL Student Meera Aashkia Mohammad

Life is like a roller coaster where we don’t get to choose between a scream and enjoy the ride, but we tend to do both at the same time. Likewise, I chose to study abroad, which is a perfect combination of study and enjoy my journey ahead.

Even though I was excited to come to Ireland, It was a little hard at first place to leave India, but when I landed in Ireland with my perspective changed. As I met new people over here, they were very kind, friendly and helpful it made me lose the fear that I had about getting accustomed to a new place, which in turn transformed me into a person with new values and hope. Ireland is one among the beautiful and evergreen countries in the world. The spectacular view of the country is breathtaking. The scenic view of the city built on the banks of the river enchanted me when I saw it for the first time. The city center in Ireland has a variety of shops. In Ireland I got to taste a wide range of foods starting from Irish food to all European foods and Indian foods as well, which gave me a chance to treat my taste buds with different recipes of the world. Traditional Irish sweets and chocolates are the best sweet candies I tasted till date. The milk market in the city which is open on weekends has an exotic collection of food and various traditional Irish items.

When I entered into university of Limerick campus for the first time I felt as if I am entering a wonderland, where I pictured myself as Alice. I started meeting new people from different parts of the globe which was quite a new thing for me. The staffs in the international education division were so helpful and they made sure that the registration process was hassle free. The library in front of IED is so well organized where we can find a huge collection of books related to course, thesis and research. On the first week of the college we had a lot of activities which included orientation program, campus tour, movie night and Irish music. The international society helped me in getting to know my native people and international parties which are a great way to kick start the weekend. The university also boasts of a huge sports arena and a well-managed and maintained cycle way throughout the university.
Weekend trips organized by the university are a perfect way to explore Ireland within a good budget. The education system here is different wherein we get to learn in a practical way which makes the study interesting.

Study abroad is helping me to not only learn my course but it is also teaching me how to lead life in my own ways,and explore the better side of me as well as explore the culture and places. After coming here I learnt how to manage time, which I could not do when I was in India. Now I prioritize things and do them in a systematic way. Coming over I did not know what to expect, but for me, coming to UL to be a life changing experience.

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