International Students Bucket List – Ireland!


By UL Erasmus Student Marina Roehrich

Going abroad not only gives you the chance to study in a different country, it gives you the chance to get to know another culture! There are so many things to do in Ireland – and a lot of them are either in or very close to Limerick. So here we go – the International at UL Bucket List:

1. Visit the Milk Market in Limerick!

From Cheese to pastries – this market has everything! So go ahead and spent a nice morning with some of your friends and enjoy a cup of coffee / tea with a scone on this lovely market!

2. A concert of an Irish band!

Enjoy the sound of those amazing instruments, the Irish manage to play! The Dolan’s Pub in Limerick not only has great Cheesecake but also every weekend several concerts of really great bands! Definitely check that out!

3. Drink the fanciest tea of your life!


Did you ever wanted to feel really fancy while having your afternoon tea? Go ahead and check out the Adare Manor! Even though this tea is quite pricy (28,50€) it comes with an étagère full of food – so plan a couple of hours full of tea and pastries!

4. Master the Tin-Whistle!

I have already mentioned those nice instruments that Irish musicians use – get a Tin Whistle for just a couple Euros in nearly every store and learn it! Definitely a great way to remember Ireland after leaving the country again.

5. Learn to drink a Guinness!

You are in Ireland, so come on! Drinking a Guinness right is a must do here! Visit the Guinness Storehouse to proper learn to not only draw the beer but also drink it – one hint: the foam needs to be drunk last!

6. Sláinte and céad míle fáilte!


Yes, this is the Irish language. The first thing I saw at my new home here in Ireland was a sign saying: céad míle fáilte (=A thousand welcomes). Get up and learn some phrases – at least the occasionally Sláinte (=Cheers) will come in hand on nights out!

7. A night in an authentic Irish pub!

The traditional Irish pub has wood tables, a fire place, a thatched roof and a group of musicians meeting occasionally and just playing music. Get the experience and sing along with those great. There are plenty of these in Limerick, and one (Hurlers) even within walking distance from the UL campus.

8. Learn the rules of Rugby!

At least I totally didn’t know any rules of Rugby. But trust me: In case you are like me, those rules will come in handy!

9. Enjoy some Irish coffee!

I actually wasn’t sure if I was going to like Irish coffee since I am not a Whiskey drinker. But honestly: It is one of my favourite drinks here in Ireland! It is like the Guinness, you can’t leave Ireland without trying it at least once…or twice.

10. Master those Irish names!

Eoin, Tadgh and Siobhan. No, they are not pronounced like you spell them. Yes, those are names. Yes, I am confused too. Irish people tend to have very confusing names, just remember one rule: They are probably pronounced completely different than how you say them! Go ahead, you can do this!

11. Do something you wouldn’t do at home!

There is even a Skydiving Club in UL, You’ll be glad you did it!

There are a lot of great opportunities, especially at UL with all the Clubs and Societies. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new – it doesn’t matter if you do some surfing, skydiving or try traditional Irish dancing. Get out and experience!

12. Find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!MarinaRoehrich_Blog3.4

I am actually still searching for the pot at the end of the rainbows. But until I have found it, I will just enjoy those amazing rainbows I keep seeing here almost every day.

13. Visit the Cliffs of Moher!

They are old, they are famous. And they have been part of the Harry Potter movies. Go ahead and wander along the edge of the famous Cliffs of Moher – breath taking views are promised!

14. Kiss the Blarney Stone!

Get the gift of eloquence and dare to kiss the Blarney Stone! And also enjoy the gardens around the Blarney Castle – definitive a place worth

15. Take a hike in Killarney National park!


Killarney National Park is a must! Visit it and enjoy – one of the most beautiful places I have seen so far!

16. Do a long tour of the Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is nothing to just experience in 2 or 3 hours – take at least a day tour to enjoy every bit of the country.

17. Shop along in Galway


Galway is probably one of my favourite little cities to visit here in Ireland. Whenever I have the chance, I go there. And I never miss the chance to walk along those little shops along the main route!

18. Try Murphy’s Ice-cream in Dingle

The Dingle peninsula is definitely something you should visit. And while you are in Dingle, why not try some Ice cream? I can definitely recommend Murphy’s Ice-cream! (My favourite taste so far is Irish coffee.) Check it out!

19. Learn the story behind the Claddagh rings


Those little rings with the heart, the hands and the crown from the little village Claddagh. Do you know the meaning behind the symbols?

20. Do you know the Land of green?

Experience this country, take every chance you get. Enjoy every second and create amazing memories while you can. And get to know this amazing land of green!

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