By UL International Student Bárbara Campos Pérez

In my last blog as UL International Ambassador I just want to say:


  • Teaching me that rain or storm doesn’t mean a bad day.
  • Sharing with me the magic of the Cliffs of Moher.
  • All the sunsets and wind on my hair riding home after class. They make me feel completely alive!
  • Making me feel welcome and at home from the first day.
  • Giving me friends for life.
  • Showing me that a closer relationship with my professors is also possible.
  • Giving the color green a new meaning in my life.
  • Giving me more than one flu during the semester to show me the good friends that I had at my side.
  • For all the rainbows that I had the opportunity to see.
  • Teaching me that having good craic is the best word out of all the languages to talk about fun.
  • For having more than 70 Clubs and Societies to choose from in UL!
  • Revealing to me that: It is never too early or never too late for a beer!
  • For all the amazing castles and green fields that I discovered travelling around the island.
  • Giving me the opportunity to try and learn sports that I had never thought of! As in kayaking and surfing!
  • Showing me that it is impossible to not sound funny trying to pronounce Irish words.
  • For the kilos that I gained from eating Irish breakfasts.
  • Thanks for having Irish coffees, Guinness and very good whiskies.
  • For having the opportunity to enjoy the sea in every corner of the country. It’s amazing to live on an island!
  • For making me more eloquent after kissing the stone in Blarney Castle.
  • Showing me that it’s possible for young and old people to party together! This is my favorite thing about Irish bars.
  • Thanks Ireland because I fell in love with you!
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