By UL International Student Ambassador Precious Lee

There are some instances in your life that makes you know more about yourself. The trip to  the Cliffs of Moher that I had a few days back was one of those. It was the first travel experience that I had after reaching Limerick. I would love to share this in this occasion and make you understand why Limerick is the most fascinating destinations that I have even been.


The Cliff of Moher is just two hours’ drive from the Limerick City Center where I am staying at the moment. It happened without any prior plans and everything that I came across was fresh and exciting. Doing my Masters in one of the most reputed institutions in Ireland, I am slowly realizing that there are more than just classes and library schedules. The truth was that the new life was treating me well and an extra effort to enjoy myself was out of question. So it was a Friday afternoon and I was in my class talking to my mates. They asked me what my plans were for the weekend. Even though I had no clue on what to say, I ended up saying that I am heading to Moher. To my wonder all my friends had been to that place. They were talking so highly about their journey and one of them suggested that the Paddywagon tours in City Center provided the best itinerary. Later that night, I checked their website and realized that it was not an expensive one and they had a bus leaving to Moher the next morning!


I called up my close friends and asked if they could accompany me in this trip. But many of them have already been there and others had already made their plans for the weekend. I didn’t think twice before booking the ticket online. It was as if I am the only one who had not been to this amazing place. I decided to travel alone and see what is that it makes Moher so special. After setting the alarm for 8 in the morning, I went to bed. The next morning was a sunny one and with the camera bag, I went to the pick-up point. As I waited for the bus, I noticed that all my companions were students who were studying in Limerick. A few others were tourists from Europe and Japan. Contradicting my judgement, the journey was very fun and everyone was so friendly. The driver was announcing a brief history of the famous places as we passed by.


There was a short stop in Lahinch beach that was covered with rocks and the view was so amazing. After taking pictures, we headed to the cliffs. Next we stopped for lunch at a restaurant in Doolin. The local food had a different taste and was so delicious. I had a chance to talk to a man in the pub. He said that people come to their city for hiking and surfing. It had many motels for the tourists that will fill the place by next summer. Conquering our hunger, we reached the cliffs within ten minutes.


There were many cars and buses parked there and realized that it is a favourite getaway place for even the Irish people. There are steps that led to the top of the cliffs and the driver commented that we were lucky as the climate was in our favour. After taking many pictures and a bit of  shopping, it was time for us to return to the city.

It was indeed a nice experience and I made a lot of new friends during my journey. This cliffs has impressed me and I will be visiting this place again in furture. Standing on tip of the cliff, there is nothing more soothing than the cold breeze that touches us. Our life is beautiful the way it is and once we start enjoying the moments, we feel infinite!

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