By UL International Student Ambassador Casey Kahler

The friendships that form while traveling are truly one of a kind and the bonds formed from studying abroad are no exception. For the first time in your life you may be halfway around the world from everything and everyone you’ve ever known. At first this realization is intimidating and overwhelming but before you know it, it has turned into one of the most incredible times in your life. The list below is just the start as to why your study abroad friends will be with you for life even when you’re oceans apart…

 They share the same interests as you and understand that some nights you just need to watch Netflix and eat ice cream together instead of going out.

 Homesick? Yup, they felt it right alongside you

 You’ve gotten lost together–whether it be on campus or some random street in Belgium memories were created just the same.

 Fresher’s Week…From clubbing, foam parties, concerts, and paint parties-need I say more?CaseyKahler_Blog2

 They don’t judge you for your bad dance moves or complete lack of moves.

 You’ve tried new foods and drinks together and discovered that the best way to see a country is to eat your way through it.

 Good days and bad days happen and no matter what they love you just the same.

 You’ve walked to the grocery store with your suitcases…enough said.

 They struggle with cooking too and are always down for take-away as an alternative.

 They share your fear in returning home and having to drive on the opposite side of the road again.

 Your late night talks involve expressing your fears about readjusting to life back home and how you’re going to miss the life you’ve had while abroad.

 They don’t judge you for taking photographs of your food–even better they take them right along with you.CaseyKahler_Blog2 (2)

 You’ve survived 15 Euro flights on Ryanair together

 They understand the new lingo you’ve picked up while abroad such as “grand”, “craic”,“the boot”, “the press”, and “lads”.

 Together you’ve taken all the cliché photos and enough selfies to last a lifetime.

 They know to appreciate the little things with you such as taking the 307 bus instead of the 304, never questioning your longing for American ranch dressing and peanut butter, and the sheer amount of joy you feel when you see a dog on campus.

 You’ve skipped classes, labs, and tutorials to travel together–something you would never do back home

And most importantly…

 You’ve seen the world with them. From spur of the moment weekend trips to traveling through Europe they’ve been by your side the whole time. You’ve learned new words and phrases and have been immersed in new cultures. From seeing major landmarks and touring the countryside by train they’ve been the best travel partner you could dream of.

The laughter, emotions, and memories have not only shaped your life but also theirs. Although you’ve only shared a mere four months of your life with them they have become some of your closest friends and you can’t possibly imagine life without them in it. So cherish the time you have and trust in the fact that your paths will cross again. It’s definitely not goodbye but a see ya real soon for our next adventure…


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