10 signs that you have become Irish!

By UL Internation Student Ambassador Bárbara Campos

My semester as Erasmus student in UL is almost finishing and, to be honest, I don’t know how much my English has improved, but I am proud that it sounds more Irish.

So, after almost four months living in Limerick I have looked for some of my own signs of having become Irish. I will share the ones I found with you and I would love to know I you have been passing the same.

  1. A cuppa of tea please. Tea with milk and without sugar. Yes, it’s something totally new for me. Actually, I love to have free milk that I can add in my simple tea. For sure I will miss this after leave Ireland.
  2. GRAND! Lovely! Brilliant! Felhas! Gardai, Cheers! I have never used these expressions and words before but now they are part of me. Especially “grand”, I can use it all day. It’s a “lovely” word! 😉
  3. Sláinte! Any time is good for a beer! One of the symptoms of becoming Irish is suffering a mutation in your body. Yes! From now you can be ready to drink beer at any time. After class it is not so early to go to Stables and take a pint of Guinness or a cold cider.
  4. Bacon, sausages puddings, eggs and fried potatoes are not LUNCH! In Ireland you will learn the meaning of “take breakfast as a king”. Sausages are not only part of a hotdog; they are part of your diet and your daily healthy Irish breakfast.
  5. What’s the CRAIC? You know that “craic” is nothing more than have fun with your friends. You love to have good craic!

    Tomada con Lumia Selfie
    Tomada con Lumia Selfie
  6. Rain and wind like it is the end of the world? No, I’m not cold! I am use to it! 🙂 Here you learn to continue with your normal activities even with the sky falling on you. The weather is not an excuse not to take the bike, go to faculty, to an Irish bar in the town, wherever! Remember, nothing can stop you to enjoy Ireland!
  7. Father Ted and Mrs. Brown’s Boys. When you become Irish you can watch these series without subtitles and be available to understand and laugh with the jokes. Watch Mrs. Brown drinking your cuppa of tea with your felhas is a perfect plan for any afternoonMe as Mrs. Brown - Barbara CamposDressing up as Mrs Brown 
  8. Banter! Insults mean someone likes you. Irish people have a distinct sense of humor, someone “slagging” you, is actually a form of endearment. It’s confusing, but as soon as you get on board with Irish banter, the craic will be mighty!
  9. Wait to drink your Guinness, it´s worth it and necessary! One of the symptoms of becoming Irish, is that you can recognize the exactly color and the perfect moment to start to enjoy your Guinness.My first Guinness- Barbara Campos
  10. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to have a party night! Do you think that weekends are the most appropriate days to have party? After Erasmus in Limerick never more! Tuesdays and Thursdays will be the best choose to take your high heels and go the town. Cheers folks! 😉

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  1. Sharon says:

    I recently had to explain the concept of someone being mean to you means they like you to a very confused Canadian 😀

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