Limerick Limerick Food Series: La Cucina

 International Students on food in Limerick     

 By Lindsay Nygren and Xiaoyu Lin, University of Limerick International Student Ambassadors

Many of our international students miss their home foods when they study here, so do we. In our spare time, we will walk through Limerick city or even the whole Ireland to seek out local food for you. Please look forward to it!

2]La Cucina from the outside

Today we are going to introduce an Italian restaurant located in Castletroy, around the corner from the University of Limerick’s main entrance. This restaurant is called La Cucina, which is popular among locals. The whole restaurant is gray from outside with the name “La Cucina” in white. Since it is so popular, when it comes to weekends or lunchtime, you should visit early to make sure you can get a seat.

When you step into La Cucina, you will surely be attracted by the dessert cabinet next to the cashier. It is full of freshly-made desserts including brownies, twix bar, and different kinds of cakes and tarts. Paired with a warm espresso drink, there will be a relaxing afternoon. Apart from dessert, they also provide take-away food such as sandwich.

Top left: The Vodka Pasta with ham and tomato sauce, Bottom left: Amatriciana pasta with chili, tomato and pancetta Middle: “Twix” bar, Right: Dessert Cabinet at La Cucina

Here comes the highlight! During dinner time, La Cucina will offer you many different choices. The best deal is the set dinner special, which has you choose a type of pasta from the menu and then pair it with a glass of the house red or white wine, for only €11! We have to say pastas here are so amazing with thick sauce and tender meat (or fresh vegetables – they have great vegetarian choices!). Additionally, the Italian cheese adds an essence to the whole meal. Xiaoyu ordered the ‘Vodka’ pasta. It is a kind of pasta with tomato cheese sauce, dotted with ham. The pasta is really tasty especially with a glass of white wine. Lindsay opted for the spicier Amatriciana pasta with a tomato based sauce cooked with chili and pancetta with a glass of red wine. If you are not into pasta, they also serve fresh made daily soups and pizzas whole or by the slice.

With light music and soft lights, La Cucina is a good place for friends-meeting, date night or a quick take away. Release yourself from stressful assignments, come and stay here with food and coffee and you will feel energetic and recharged!

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