Autumn in UL – By Ana Ramirez

Having four seasons in one day is something you can only experience in Ireland! You can look out the window and the sun will give you a warm “good morning and five minutes later you can have a bright rainy day. But that is part of Ireland’s charm!

My favourite season is Autumn, and where I come from it practically/barely exists since the first relish leaves start to fall right when winter is bringing its freezing cold. In Spain we have three seasons: spring, summer and winter.

I always love to go outside in autumn. I think it is quite nice to go for a long walk on a Sunday afternoon with thousands of yellowish and relish leaves along your way. This year, I made the most  out of my “first” autumn here in Ireland by meeting my International and Irish friends outdoors, having a hot cup of cocoa on a cold evening, preparing my very first pumpkin for Halloween, going to International Society trips and taking thousands of photos during my long afternoon walks like these ones:

1 2

By UL Student Ambassador Ana Ramirez

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Is not autumn beautiful?! These were taken in some “hidden” paths at the campus. UL definitely has a lot to offer! I cannot wait to discover the rest of Ireland during this year abroad.


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