What to pack for studying abroad in Ireland by Harshal Charhate, EI International Student Ambassador

Although the cost of living in Ireland is low in comparison to many of its European counterparts, make sure you maximise your study abroad budget by packing wisely. Harshal Charhate shares some tips…

Travelling abroad to study is a gateway to one of the most exciting periods of your life, and it’s easy to forget that there are some practical things to undertake before you jump on that plane! Here are some tips on what to bring on your big adventure…

Suitcases: Bring two lightweight, but durable, suitcases – and it helps if one is carry-on size in case you what to travel around when you are in Ireland. If you are travelling long haul, make sure the cases can withstand a little mishandling too!

Soft, small baggage: Ireland is very environmentally friendly and charge 22c per plastic bag in shops – this adds up, so if you’re conscious of costs – bring a canvas bag with you!

Electric travel adapter: The plugs in Ireland are three pronged, so make sure you bring an adapter for any electrical equipment as it’s easy to buy adapters for Irish plugs here, but not the other way around!

Bed sheets and blankets: Don’t bother bringing sheets and blankets, as if you buy them in a hot country they will most likely be insufficient for the cold here! And they take up a lot of space!

Rain gear: Ireland is a country that has lot of rain and wind so make sure you come prepared! I brought a waterproof sports jacket that works for both the rain and the cold.

Winter clothes: Buy bulky, but warm clothes here – there are plenty of budget shops that sell good quality jumpers and jackets.

Traditional clothes: This is alway a good idea in case you are attending any cultural gathering or events within your college or elsewhere.

Footwear: Shoes are reasonably priced in Ireland so it’s not a problem to get a few pairs on a student budget!

Stationary: Engineers bring your calculators! Textbooks are also very expensive here, so if you have the space and know a few books that you would really need, then I would advise bringing them.

Formal clothes: For the boys, a formal suit and a tie might be handy, and for business students it is essential and could be used in job interviews or during work experience.

Documents: Most importantly, always carry multiple copies of all your important documents in all of your bags. This means if you lose one, you still have a duplicate!

Disclaimer: This list above intends to be helpful to everyone, but it may be more accurate for Asian students as traditionally shopping is considerably cheaper in these countries that in Ireland. So, European and US students – you might find the cost of essentials is similar in Ireland as in your own country!


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  1. karthik vasisht says:

    a handy post indeed!! here I come UL 🙂


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