The great outdoors by Lizzy Selvik, UL International Student Ambassador

Becoming an international student at the University of Limerick does not just mean you will be attending a great school where you will meet tons of people from all over the world while developing a global perspective on your education. While all of this is true, one thing I didn’t consider before going abroad was the fact that I would get access to the multitude of clubs & societies offered at UL. Ranging from Kayaking club to Skydiving club to Tea Appreciation Society, there is no doubt that you will find a society that fits your fancy! At the beginning of each semester there is a big sign-up event where you can find out more information about each club and meet some of the members.

Unfortunately, as enticing as twenty of the clubs sounded to me, I knew that for time’s sake I would have to limit myself to a few! The club that I invested most of my time into was the Outdoor Pursuits club. They offer all kinds of chances to explore the wild side of Ireland such as climbing, hiking, orienteering, and caving. I had a great experience with the club because it offered a great way to explore the country I was studying in, and to meet people while doing it! The OPC made it easy to get involved with a range of events during different times of the week. There was Sunday hikes, weekend trips, Wednesday night caving expeditions, weekday fundraisers or competitions, and more.


This is just an example of what one club has to offer. There are over 70 to choose from. No matter what you like to do, I guarantee that it is easy to get involved and find multiple clubs that excite you. You are only abroad for a certain amount of time, and with UL’s clubs & societies it is not difficult to make the most out of it!


Night caving expeditions

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