My volunteer experience at UL by Hanbin Yao, UL International Student Ambassador

At UL, there is a lot more to do than just study.  There are many interesting volunteer programmes available to join at UL. This year, I worked as a volunteer in many different organisations.

Volunteering at the St Patrick's Day Festival in Limerick
Volunteering at the St Patrick’s Day Festival in Limerick

I worked as a volunteer at the Limerick St. Patrick’s Festival 2015 on 17th March 2015. My role was to ensure public safety within the venues, hold a position along the festival route and assist parade staff when necessary.

I also volunteered in the Esophageal Cancer Fund Lollipop Day (Limerick). We sold Lollipops and Pins to people in the local shopping center and raised €17,300.10! Irish people are very kind, and being a volunteer here was an amazing experience.

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