‘My First Semester – Over in the Blink of an Eye’ by Wajeeha Zaidi

By Wajeeha Zaidi

Three and a half months ago when I was packing my belongings to travel to Ireland I did not know that the next couple of months were going to be this much fun. I am a very childish, playful and bubbly girl being the middle child in the family, “a girl who is very bad in taking responsibility” as my mother always says.

The day I departed my dad said I don’t know when I will see you back home but until then you have to show me how brave my daughter can be. I arrived in Ireland with all my dreams, ambitions, adventures and fears. Ireland – a country of pure love and beauty. Yes, the country which taught me to live independently. I loved all the challenges I have experienced, losing my way in Limerick on the very second night, I must admit that was one of those challenges. They gave birth to a new Wajeeha. I observed people closely and experienced some surprises too 😉

University life at limerick is a full package of knowledge and entertainment. I was so warmly welcomed by everyone here. In being one of the very first students from Pakistan I heard some misinformation about Pakistan that troubled me, but trust me Pakistan is a loving country and I soon dispelled any misinformation by telling people about my native land. I joined many clubs and societies which have been really helpful in taking my mind off my studies and helping me to thoroughly enjoy the scenic beauty of Ireland.

Oh yes, I also learnt some cool dance moves too, thanks to the UL international Society‘s Friday night party! In the middle of the semester Eid (biggest festival of Muslims) came and the International Education Division (IED) arranged a prestigious Eid dinner for us. We were accompanied by Patricia O’Flaherty and Sinead Loughran, two very charming ladies from IED. I cherish those moments as I didn’t expect my first Eid in UL would be so vividly awesome. I also had a great time in celebrating Diwali at UL.

 WajeehaZaidi_EidDinner_My First Semester-over in a blink of an eye (2)  Eid Dinner

I went to the Cliffs of Moher which is the most visited tourist attraction in Ireland. It actually touched my soul. I stood at the cliff edge, with arms wide spread and took long, deep breaths. Oh my God, it felt like I had experienced nature up close and touched something so beautiful. I praised God and thanked Him for bringing me here. I was so relaxed after my visit to the Cliffs of Moher.

WajeehaZaidi_CliffsOfMoher_My First Semester-over in a blink of an eye (2)

Cliffs of Moher

Now we are preparing for our exams. It seems like my semester has flown by in the blink of an eye. I am uncovering hidden talents within myself in every passing day. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that UL has helped to mold me into a better individual. Life is so thrilling, sometimes we don’t realise what we are experiencing, we just do things but we should be so grateful as they make up a beautiful part of our lives. Studying at UL is exactly the same, so much has happened during my semester here and life has been so entertaining. According to Mark Oliver Everett, ‘Things The Grandchildren Should Know (2007)’ – “Life is so full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises” and I am enjoying each and every one of them.

WajeehaZaidi_Memories_My First Semester-over in a blink of an eye (2)

Some memories from my first semester at UL

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