My Favorite Memories Here :) 


By Angelina Rijal

In this personal blog, Angelina Rijal, a Study Abroad student from the University of Massachusetts, Boston talks about some of her favourite memories during her time here in the University of Limerick.

Wow, it’s already nearly the end of the semester. I remember my first day here like it was yesterday! It was so hectic but totally worth it. As deadlines and exams are approaching, the semester is also coming to an end, which means I’ll be flying back home in less than a month. It is sad to think about that because UL gave me so many memories. I really have enjoyed my time here and will always take it along with me everywhere! Here are some of my favorite memories: 

International Nights  

International nights were, I believe, the best nights here at UL as all the internationals got together after a hectic or boring week and just danced it out. I find myself planning for the next international night as soon as Saturday hits. I started asking all of my friends if they are going. The walks to the Stables and back home are always a fun one. We would run there so we’d not get charged and stay until the end of the party, dancing – breaking all the bones in our body and screaming the songs – losing our voice the next morning. We have nothing to do – so we go to international night. By this point I think I know the international night’s playlist by heart!

Photo of students in the Stables bar and restaurant. A sign saying 'Bar Service' is overhead.

St Patrick’s Parade 

Never had I ever thought that I would get to experience a St Patrick’s parade in Ireland!!! Me and my friends went to Galway the night before St Paddy’s. The next morning we woke up and walked towards the parade, we even skipped breakfast to find the best spot to see the parade. And seeing how the parade had included every community – women, children, LGBTQ, religion, like everything was amazing. Each community rallied and performed something unique and it was this never ending thing. Then after the parade, we wandered around Galway. We saw an open concert going on in a tent, and honestly what a vibe it was. Everyone was dancing, singing, and just enjoying the day. I felt like never leaving that place.

Photo of the Philippines performance for the 2023 St. Patrick's Parade in Galway. A woman in a green dress with a feathered head crown is in a dancing pose with children behind her holding their flag and following her

Making Friends  

Honestly, I never thought I would make so many friends here. Like it’s awesome to see how everyone of us got along, experienced so many things together, and created so many memories to take with us. From homesick rants, going to new places, trying new things, movie nights and so much more – it was an amazing experience but wouldn’t have been anywhere possible without the friends I made here 🙂 The people I have met here, the friends I have made here are the best gift I am taking back.

Photo of 3 students laughing and talking beside the Brown Thomas statue of UL
Student Ambassador Profile for Angelina Rijal, a Bachelor's in Finance Management student in UL

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