How to Get to… Cheaply and Quickly! 

In this advice blog, Maria Cardin talks about how to travel to must-see destinations from the University of Limerick as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. She also includes some recommendations on things to see or do as the destinations!

The easiest way to explore Ireland, especially the wild countryside, is definitely by car. However, if you are under 25, unfortunately, you may not be able to rent a car or have to pay a surcharge. So, this is a brief guide to public transportation to the main destinations you can visit during your stay on the Emerald Isle. 

Travel tips:

Be sure to get a Student Leap Card asap when you arrive in Ireland, so that you have access to the price reduction on all transportation tickets (about 50% less). In addition, remember that it is often more convenient to buy a return ticket rather than a single (e.g. Dublin Coach or Train). It is also often cheaper to buy tickets online. 

Limerick City

To begin with, this is definitely the first destination a UL student needs to know. Approximately 3km from the campus, Limerick is Ireland’s thirds largest city and one of the oldest. In the City Centre, you can find a selection of bustling pubs, cafes and restaurants, visit the vibrant Milk Market (Fri to Sun) and some historical sites such as King John’s Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral, or walk along the banks of the River Shannon (the longest on the Island).

Photograph of the Milk Market in Limerick

How: 304, 304A, 310 from outside the Student Life Courtyard to Limerick City 

How long: approx. 0.30 h 

How much: Student single ticket €0.60 (instead of €1.90) 


Located just 18km southwest of Limerick, Adare has earned a reputation as one of Ireland’s most charming villages, with its picturesque thatched cottages. It is a very small village, but there you can find cozy cafes and pubs, visit Desmond Castle and some Churches, or relax in Adare Town Park.

How: Dublin Coach (300) from outside the Student Life Courtyard to Adare 

How long: approx. 0.40 h 

How much: Student return ticket €6.00

Dublin City:

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a must-do at least once during your stay. Although it does not have a panorama of attractions and museums when compared to other European cities, it is full of things to see such as Trinity College with its Old Library and the Book of Kells. Other attractions include St. Patrick Cathedral (check service times to get in for free), Dublin Castle and their Dubh Linn Garden, Viking Splash tours, and finally St. Stephens’ Green. You also can’t miss a visit to the Temple Bar (beware that beer prices increase as the hours pass) and the Guinness Storehouse, where at the end of the tour you can enjoy your Guinness at the Gravity Bar on the top floor, with spectacular 360-degree views of Dublin’s rooftops. The ticket is quite expensive, but the experience is worth it.

Photograph of the yellow amphibian Viking Tour vehicle on the River Liffey with the Poolbeg Chimneys in the background

How: Dublin Coach (300) from outside the Student Life Courtyard to Dublin City 

How long: approx. 2h 30 

How much: Student return ticket €12.50


Despite being only the island’s third-largest city in terms of population (after Dublin and Belfast), it is a vibrant urban reality full of surprises. It’s the food capital of Ireland; a must-see destination is definitely the English Market, where you can taste typical Irish products directly on-site. Always in the downtown area, walking along the River Lee you can see St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Shandon and Victorian Quarters, and the grounds of University College Cork.  

Then, about a half-hour drive away is Cobh, famous for its colourful houses, from which transatlantic full of emigrants departed for America, including the sadly famous Titanic. 

How: Train from Limerick (Colbert) to Cork (Kent), with 1 change at Limerick Junction 

How long: approx. 1h 50  

How much: Student single ticket €5.80 (tot. €11.60) 


Galway especially delightful with its colorful downtown streets, lots of characteristic pubs, excellent seafood and oyster cuisine(the local specialty) and traditional music played on every corner. Starting in the old town, go to the Latin Quarter, Galway Market (Sat&Sun), Galway Cathedral, and stop for a great fish and chips at McDonagh’s. Then move toward the sea to see the Spanish Arch and the Long Walk where you will find a row of pastel-coloured houses, surely one of Galway’s most photographed sights.  

Photograph of the Spanish arch with a cyclist going through it

How: Train from Limerick (Colbert) to Galway (Ceannt) 

How long: approx. 2h 

How much: Student single ticket €4.49 (tot. €8.98)


A longer trip worth taking is to Belfast, the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland. The City Hall is definitely the city’s most iconic building, and so is the Big Fish, a colourful ceramic sculpture along the Lagan River. Other famous attractions include the Cathedral Quarter, St. George’s Market, Botanic Gardens, and Titanic Belfast Museum. Enjoy the atmosphere of this important historic city, but remember that Northern Ireland, although on the same island, is actually part of the UK! 

How: Dublin Coach (300) from outside the Student Life Courtyard to Dublin City + train from Dublin Connolly to Belfast 

How long: approx. 2h 30 + 2h 15 

How much: Student return ticket €12.50 + Student single ticket €8.00 (tot. €28.50)

Cliffs of Moher:

About 8 km long and 214 meters high, Cliffs of Moher are one of the most striking and fascinating places on the west coast. Being so scenic, they have also been the location for many famous films and movies such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. If you are lucky, you will also be able to see Atlantic puffins, cute birds with black plumage and colourful beaks, nesting on rocks overlooking the sea and resting among flowers. The views are breathtaking, just hope you are lucky enough to find a sunny day.

Photo of the Cliffs of Moher

How: Dublin Coach (300) from outside the Student Life Courtyard to Ennis + Bus Eireann (350) from Ennis (Bus Station) to Cliffs of Moher (Coach Park) 

How long: approx. 1h + 0.50h 

How much: Student return ticket €5.50 + Student single ticket €6.50 (tot. €18.50) 

* Ticket prices were added Spring Semester 2023 

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