How To Library Like A Pro!

by postgraduate student Miriam Cano Esteller

In this blog Miriam gives her best advice on how to keep a clear head, and stay productive during this busy exam and assignment season

 As lovely Irish spring starts settling in and Easter break quickly approaches, so it is time to do all of those assignments and prepare for those exams highlighted in your calendar.

You are staring through the window trying to see if the weather can decide what’s it going to be today (two liters of water, two rays of sun and start again) and those poor papers that were meant to be read last week are staring right back at you from your desk.

Facing all that stress and countless hours in front of the screen while feeling the deadlines approaching can be a tremendous challenge and prove quite draining.

So here’s some little things that have been helping me manage with the coursework and studying so far!


Making sure you are in a comfortable and suitable environment will most likely help with your attention and focus when working.

The Glucksman Library is a perfect place for that! It is huge, and it can get very busy sometimes, so finding that perfect favourite spot and schedule in it can be quite rewarding.

For example, did you know that there’s a “postgraduate students only” room in the Glucksman Library?


Checking that you have everything you need when going into the library is going to allow you to have longer and better study sessions, and make your study breaks easier.

Packing healthy snacks and bringing in your water bottle is going to make such a difference since you’ll be able to recharge, stay hydrated and go straight back into business.

They have quiet rooms or spaces in the library, but maybe bringing in noise cancelling earphones will give you that extra bit of silence or music that you might need for your session.

Did you know that most of the study spaces at the library have sockets? So don’t forget to bring your laptop charger! Those little life-suckers always die when you need them the most. (Yes, I forgot mine today.)


Staying consistent with your study schedule can sometimes feel like an unclimbable mountain.

Having someone, a friend, a classmate or a colleague that you can plan study sessions with, will help both of you keep each other accountable.

It will also make it less painful and more fun! Me and my study buddy started bringing each other fruit and coffee into the library to keep each other motivated.


Sometimes your study buddy is out sick, your workload is piling up, and nothing seems to be working.

When all seems lost maybe a change of scenary is exactly what you need!

Try to set up in a different spot than you normally do, that being another floor or space in the library, or maybe it’s your desk or your kitchen table.

You can also try and switch it up with a new playlist, a “study with me” YouTube video or giving the “Pomodoro timer” a shot if it’s something that you don’t normally do.

If you’re anything like me and love the feeling of crossing off that task on the to-do list once it’s done, you can also try to break that big scary task into smaller steps that you can cross off one by one.


College is never easy, and keeping that university, work and life balance up can prove quite overwhelming at times.

Even if sometimes we forget, rest is an essential part of effort. The best you are ever going to feel while working or studying is when you are well-rested.

Making your well-being a priority will ensure that you are ready to take on any academic challenges coming your way. So yes, go on that coffee break and spend some time moving your body. You wouldn’t believe the difference just going for a walk on our stunning campus can make on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Factoring your rest in your daily schedule or planning little things for youself and including them in your day can help with making sure you are listening to your own needs. Now is the perfect time to make a game plan for your next assignments and exams and get your academic life to feel more enjoyable and healthier overall!


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