The best places to eat near The University of Limerick

In this blog, Kerry describes the best restaurants within close proximity to the University of Limerick. This selection of restaurants includes some of the best in Limerick. You can’t study at UL without trying some of these!

While taking the bus to Limerick for a bite to eat or ordering for delivery is convenient, there are a variety of restaurants within walking distance from UL. In addition to having a delicious meal, the experience provides you the opportunity to see the community surrounding the campus. While the restaurant selection in Castletroy is more limited than the city, it doesn’t make it any less tasty. All these restaurants are within walking distance from the university and offer a wide range of food suitable for many diets, preferences and allergies. So, when the sun is shining, consider taking a walk to one of the following restaurants below. 

To begin, we have restaurants that have locations in both Limerick and Castletroy. These are the following:  

Coqbull: In the same shopping center as Supervalu and Omiplex, the restaurant offers a wide range of dishes; however, they are known primarily for their chicken and beef burgers. My personal favorite is their rendition of the spice bag. It is a great place to grab a bite before seeing a movie or grocery shopping. In addition, the restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian options such as an oyster mushroom burger.  

La Cucina: If you ever have a craving for Italian food and pasta (who doesn’t?), this is the place to go. Offering a wide range of pastas, pizzas, and sandwiches; it’s a must visit. Additionally, they offer a wide range of vegetarian pastas and a vegan pasta too.  

Locke Burger: If you haven’t been to the Locke Bar in Limerick, you must go. While this is a blog about places to eat in Castletroy, the Locke Bar is a must visit. In Castletroy, we have a little bit of the Locke Bar. Locke Burger is a child of the Locke Bar and provides a quick yet tasteful bite to eat.  

Lana: While it is a chain restaurant, if you are ever craving Asian cuisine, Lana is a great option. They have a large menu with a variety of options. The majority of the dishes can be altered to be vegetarian or vegan. Additionally, you can easily grab it for takeaway if you just want a quick bite to eat on the go.  

Finally, we have a place to eat unique to Castletroy: 

Hurlers: While Apache pizza is a convenient option, you must visit Hurlers for a pizza. With a pizza to suit any mood, you will not be disappointed with anything you order. If you are not in the mood for a pizza, they offer additional food such as a chicken burger, nachos, loaded fries, and more.  

While Castletroy may seem small compared to Limerick, there is an abundance of food choices satisfying a variety of diets throughout Castletroy. So, put on your walking shoes and treat yourself to some delicious food! 

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