Five Tips for adjusting to life back home

Emma is a Study Abroad student from the USA. In this blog, Emma shared her tips on how to adjust to coming back home after studying abroad at the University of Limerick for a semester and the trials and tricks that you might face and can use in the aftermath!

                Hello to everyone again! My name is Emma Craven and I am an international student studying abroad at UL for the Fall 2019 semester.

With my last post, I wanted to write something that would not only help others, but also something that I will also find useful. As we prepare to leave and head home, we are transitioning from once again. We had to learn how to adjust to life and here, and the same can be said of returning home.

Tip One: Stay in touch with people you met here

                This one might be a sort of easy one to understand, but it is important. The people we met here and the friends we made are people who also understand what you are going through. They lived in the accommodation with us, ate pizza from Apache, and even went to International nights with them every Friday. Writing letters or emails or just a simple text can reassure you that what you are feeling is what someone else is feeling.

Tip Two: Don’t wallow

                The face is this semester is over soon and once you get home, it may seem like nothing is like it was in Ireland and you miss everything about Ireland. Being sad isn’t going to change the fact that you aren’t in Ireland anymore. Don’t spend the time at home thinking about everything you could be doing in Ireland.

Tip Three: Appreciate the experience you had

                Yes, you will be sad. Yes, you will miss your friends. Those things are going to happen. Even though you may miss the people and places, appreciate that you were able to have these experiences. The fact that we all got this opportunity to be here is amazing on its own!

Tip Four: Talk about your time here.

                While this one is super obvious, it could help. Talk to your parents and family about your time here.  If you miss it, tell them. While they might not know exactly all the different things you did over here, they can still listen to your stories. You might also talk to other students at your Home University and convince them to study over here as well.

Tip Five: It will get better

                Missing Ireland will suck, I’m not going to lie and tell you won’t. But, just remember, that Ireland shaped whole in your heart will heal, so just give it time.

One last thing, as my last post of this semester, I just wanted to thank my friends for being the most supportive group of people I have ever had. To my fellow international house mates, Hanna, Sascha, and Matt, couldn’t have done this semester without you. I am grateful just to know you three, and the fact I got to live with and be friends with you three is more than I could ever ask for. Thank you.


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