The 5 Best Things That Surprised Me Arriving to UL!

I have just completed six weeks living in the UL as an Erasmus student for the spring semester 2019!

Already, I’ve gotten used to the different climate and the life in a new university campus, but it took me a few weeks to achieve it. Arriving here I was very surprised facing the following five things!

During the welcome week, all the new students participate in a presentation of the university and get to know the services available and what the university offers in general.  

The Clubs & Societies

Known as the UL wolves, there is a vast variety of clubs & societies in which you can take part and be given the opportunity to do the activities and sports that you like.

Also, you can discover your secret talents as a photographer by taking part in the photography society or as a radio producer on the UL radio! Extreme sports are available for you to try, like surfing, kayaking or even skydiving!

As an Erasmus student, the international society will organise events and trips so you can meet students from all over the world while discovering the beauties of Ireland.

The Library

Being the newest building addition into the UL’s Campus, the Glucksman Library is a place where you can spend your life in. It’s such an amazing library that can make even those who hate studying come and read their book in a relaxing environment.

An exciting characteristic about this library is that you can book a room for free, on the library’s web site, and organise a group coursework-presentation with the feeling of an upcoming entrepreneur.

The Sports Arena

Another area you will probably spend a lot of your spare time in is the UL’s Sports Arena. Many of the sports clubs’ meetings take place there as well as plenty of other sports training.

The Olympic size pool in the Arena will take your breath away! If you are an on-campus resident you can enjoy almost every facility of the Sports Arena for free! (I’m seriously getting fit since the beginning of the summer!)

Smoke Free Campus

The University of Limerick is one of the first which has a Vape Free Campus! This fact not only leads you to obtain a sensitive view of the environment but also it makes you respect the place where you are going to spend many hours during the week. Although, most of the European countries have prohibited smoking in public areas, there are still many in which the law is not followed.

Student Counselling and Well-being on Campus

A very important office of the university is the one of the Mental Health. The University of Limerick cares a lot about the mental health of the youngsters. It is a service that very few universities provide to their students. It is so helpful to have a support during periods full of stress like exams. The office sends an email every Monday that includes information and tips on how to take more care of yourself and maintain a positive mood.

Even though I listed only five of the things that have shocked me, I’m always discovering what an amazing student experience this actually is! I’m happily nervous for what is going to happen in the following weeks!!


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