Chinese Student Ambassadors 2015/16


Xiaoyu Lin, China

My name is Xiaoyu Lin, I’m from China. Currently, I am a postgraduate student of MSc in Marketing, Consumption and Society. This is my second year in UL, since last year I stayed here as an exchange student. The beautiful campus and the friendly people here in UL are the most important reasons for me to choose UL to continue on my education.

Also in the last academic year, I took part in our international student ambassador programme, during this programme, we worked and learned within an international group, and we got opportunities to talk and know different people. Also in this year, I joined the Tea Appreciation Society. With this society, we can release ourselves with a cup of tea, snacks and friends from stress and anxiety.

In my part-time, I like traveling and writing down what I see and think during my trips. I believe traveling makes us be independent and teaches us to respect a different culture.


Stephanie Hodges (13)

Rae Fan, China

I’m an undergraduate student in Electronic and Computer Engineering. I have lived in UL about 3 months, but it is still novel for me. The reason why I chose UL because of the attractive campus environment and compete facilities.

About myself, I enjoy chatting and sharing experience with others. I am a big fan of recording daily life as well as photography. This semester I joined the international society, it’s like a big family. We play together, laugh together. It must be a good memory in my school life. By the way, I want to play skateboard, who can teach me? (✿◡‿◡)


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