From China to a Master’s Degree in Ireland

By University of Limerick student Xiaoyu Lin

How time flies! It has already been the middle of my second semester, which means my studying for the master degree will go to the end soon. As a postgraduate student studying marketing, the most frequent question from my friends and families must be “why do you choose to study in Ireland?” At first I was confused as they were, but now I have figured out some reasons!

  1. Practical experiences.

As a marketing student, what I really concerned about was if the programme could provides practical experiences. Since for marketing, we have to improve our ability to interact in practices. Fortunately, in the last semester, we were organised to work with UL Student Affair Office to help them promote their faculties and services to students. This semester, we get a chance to take part in the GoogleAdWords campaign, working with companies in reality and also we are going to work with Adidas to contribute our marketing ideas!

  1. Helpful classmates and lecturers

Although 90% of my classmates are Irish, they are so enthusiastic and they are willing to help always! Lecturers are patient and professional, and they like to share their ideas with us which helps in studying.

  1. Equipment

As a postgraduate student, we are authorized to enter the Mac Lab in Schuman Building to study or do our group project. This matters a lot especially when it comes to exam week, we are guaranteed a place to concentrate on our topics.

  1. Extended visa policy

If you finish your programme in September, according to the immigrant policy in Ireland, you will be allowed to stay in Ireland for an extended one year. During this gap, you can search for jobs or plan your trip around in Ireland.

Studying in Ireland is absolutely an excellent experience in my life and it will be well kept in my mind!

By University of Limerick International Student Xiaoyu Lin

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