Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Irish Day

By UL international Student Ambassador Lindsay Nygren

There’s so much natural beauty in Ireland that just requires being outside to truly appreciate its beauty. Too bad the weather doesn’t always seem to agree with these ideas, so here’s a short list of activities to take advantage of the Irish weather from the warmth and dryness of the indoors.

1. Grab a good book, blanket and a hot drink Curling up with a good book while watching the low clouds fly by or listening to the rain against the window is such a relaxing feeling that it can transport you to another world – one where there’s no work due and life’s stress and to-do’s can wait.

2. Afternoon Tea Find a cute café or coffee shop that offers afternoon tea for you and a friend to enjoy. Most places offer a 3-tiered tower of sandwiches, scones and little pastries along with tea or coffee. Tea usually takes 2 or more hours as you leisurely eat and chat with friends.LINDSAYNYGREN_Blog4_Afternoon Tea

3. See the Latest Movie at the Cinema.Rainy days make for good movie days. As long as you can make it to the theater all you have to do is grab your favorite drink and snack and settle yourself into the cushioned seat. What could be better than being distracted by the onscreen action while the weather is lashing outside?

4. Bake or Cook a New or Favorite Recipe? It makes the house feel warm and fills it with a comforting smell. There’s just something about baking-the smell of spices and vanilla filling the air that just makes things seem happier. Cooking and experimenting in the kitchen passes the time and you even gain a new skill!

5. Enjoy One of the Many Museums. Whether it’s a national museum, chocolate museum or any other subject in between, if you can get from home to the museum it makes for a fun day and you learn something new!


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