Studying in Ireland by Vartika Saxena, UL International Student Ambassador

So we very well know that Ireland is a beautiful and a peaceful country with wonderful people and a world-class educational system but how does it matter if it doesn’t fit our pockets?  I am sure many of us grow up with the dream to study abroad but many times we keep it aside considering the expenses involved. However, the issue might be a serious one for the olden times but it is not anymore a matter of grave concern. Also, if you keep a good check on different opportunities that international universities keep offering for talented young minds then who knows you might hit the bull’s eye.

Me (middle) and some friends at the end of semester celebrations

Talking about myself I wanted to go for masters in business to shape up my career. So for the same reasons, I was checking different universities and colleges in India and abroad last year. Well I found quite an astonishing fact that good colleges in India are offering MBA degree for the fees varying from 14 lakhs to 9 lakhs INR which was quite similar to the finance required for business studies in Ireland. I was very surprised and glad about my findings however to be more specific I contacted my consultant who provided the expert research on the matter. He also helped me in selecting the course as per my requirements and to let you know today I am quite happy with my decision of studying in Ireland. Another important thing I was also award a scholarship from the University of Limerick which was just wonderful. I was more than happy because this brought down my fees considerably.

Me and friends at the end of semester celebrations

So like me for information on different scholarship programmes you can approach for professional guidance or you can research on the matter yourselves through different websites like Education in Ireland or ICOS (Irish Council for International Students).

University of Limerick

I hope this information will further motivate and direct you in your quest of selecting the right university and country for your higher studies. So all the best to all the aspiring talents hope you also make the righteous decision for yourselves.


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