The Limerick Student Shopping Saver Guide

By Bárbara Campos, UL Student Ambassador BOOKS AND CINEMA Odeon Cinema, Castletroy, Limerick – Buy second hand books. You can ask in the UL Students’ Union if they have the text that you are looking for, it will be cheaper than the bookstore for sure. At the end of the semester you can hand the book…

Limerick Culture Series – Milk Market

I reached Limerick City Center on a Saturday. Walking to my pre-booked house, I saw a lot of people walking in and out through a street near the bus station. Since the baggage was really heavy, the visit to the market was out of question. Later that day, after a good sleep it was time for me to go and quench my curiosity. It was not too far from the place I stay. Being new, I took some time to understand the route. The sign boards were really helping and I realized that many of the roads were parallel to the main area. After some time I found the bus station and the opposite path led to the Milk Market. It is a funny name and I wondered if that is where the Irish people sell milk!

My Top 4 Favorite Places at UL

Everything is better when you’re with friends. I met these people the first week I was here and somehow we haven’t got sick of each other yet. You can usually find us in one of our apartments playing Spoons or watching movies. We also frequent the climbing wall and the Stables pub on campus. I know it’s cheesy, but these people have been the best (and most interesting) people I could’ve asked for during my time abroad! Here are my top 4 places in UL