“On the Plane…In a Daze”: Celina’s Scholarship Story

Celina Jaffe is an MA Dance Performance student at the University of Limerick who was awarded a full scholarship to study in Ireland from Go Overseas, worth $15,000, in conjunction with Education Ireland. This is her story.  Check out this video about Celina’s scholarship, including the moment she found out she had won! Some of us move abroad…

My First Day in Ireland by Whitney Coriolan, UL International Student Ambassador

My eyes questioned reality as soon as I walked out of Shannon Airport. Could this view be real? I felt as if I had walked straight into a new Instagram filter simply named “green”. Everything in sight had a tint of the vibrant color, even through the majestic fog. After accepting the realism of the beauty that is Ireland, I boarded the bus headed to the University of Limerick. I freaked out as soon as we started moving. We were driving on the wrong side of the road! It took a while to get used to the left hand side of the road, but after many winding roads and roundabouts I finally recovered. I excitedly rattled off questions to one of the University’s student guides and then struggled to understand her responses through her cheery Irish accent.