A Guide for Irish TV

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Today I am going to talk about some Irish television productions. As everybody knows, Irish people are kind, helpful and funny. All of these qualities are translated into their tv shows. In this post I will list my top 5 Irish TV shows:

Father Ted


This is by far the best Irish made TV show! It was produced in the 90’s and it tells the story of 3 priests that live together on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. Episodes make a joke of different Irish topics and events such as the Rose of Tralee, Daniel O’Donnell and Eurovision. Graham Norton also features in the Caravan episode as Father Noel. Check out the funniest moment in this video:

Fair City

Fair City is an Irish soap opera based in Carrigstown, Dublin. Every episode has a cliff hanger that makes you have to watch the next episode. I have to say that in terms of acting, the actors are average, but they are very charismatic. It is broadcasted by RTÉ One.

The Late Late Show


This talk show, hosted by Ryan Tubridy is broadcast by RTE One every Friday at 9.35pm. You might think that this talk show is just like any other of its type… well, it is most of the time, except their Christmas special, known as “The Late Late Toy Show”. This special is undoubtedly the Irish peoples favourite show. In this show, Ryan dresses in hand knitted Christmas jumpers (sent from people across the country) and interviews children while they review the different toys. During the show when Ryan says “and there is one for everyone in the audience” it means the audience will get loads of goodies.

Bridget and Eamon


The Bridget and Eamon show started as sketches featured on a comedy show called Republic of Telly. The sketches became so popular that started their own spin-off. The show is situated in the 80’s and is based on a daily in the life of an Irish couple. The programme is aired on RTÉ Two.

Irish Weather Forecast


In this country, it is impossible not to talk about the weather. When bad weather hits Ireland, the weather news is all you will hear. One of the most famous (and funniest) weather broadcasts belongs to Teresa Mannion, during Storm Desmond and Gale force winds.

This blog was written by Fernanda Zamboni, a student ambassador from Brazil

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