Limerick Supermarket Shopping Guide

Unsure of what to do about your weekly grocery shop? Student Ambassador Luyi Wu gives us a simple guide to the supermarkets available in Limerick City and Castletroy here!

  1. Supervalu is a retailer that has served the Irish people for more than 30 years, it has penetrated various residential communities and even become a landmark building! SuperValu already has 223 stores in Ireland, and the milk and meat are very fresh. The nearest SuperValu to UL is located on Dublin Road, in the Castletroy shopping center, next to the cinema, McDonald’s, and AIB bank. It takes about half an hour to walk from the main building of UL.
Image by Shane O Ceallaigh

2. Dunnes Stores is the largest supermarket chain in Ireland, but the United Kingdom acquired in the past few years. Every time you spend 50 euros, you will get a 10 euro coupon. The next time you buy 50 euros of products, you will get 10 euros off. You are sometimes given an extra coupon of spend 20 euros, save 5 euros. There are three Dunnes stores from near UL to Limerick city center, where you can buy household items, kitchenware, and food. The nearest Dunnes Store to UL is at the Parkway shopping center, about 30 minutes away from UL. There is also a Dunnes store in the city center of Limerick, which will be larger than the Parkway shopping center and has a total of two floors. The first floor is for food and the second floor is for household goods, kitchen supplies, and clothes. Opposite the bus stop 304, you can get there directly from UL. It is very convenient to go back and forth, and you can also stroll around the city center by the way. There is also a Dunnes Store in the Limerick One shopping park, on Childer’s Road.

Image by The Irish Times

3. A pair of German brothers separately opened LIDL and ALDI, and the products inside are almost identical. There are more types of LIDL than ALDI, but the overall price is slightly higher than ALDI. In general, the two have their advantages and cheap products. Compared with other supermarkets, these two products are more economical, but there are not as many types as other supermarkets. ALDI is the closest supermarket to the school. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from UL, but if you live in Troy Village outside the school, it only takes about ten minutes. LIDL and SuperValu are very close, and it takes about 25 minutes to walk.

Image by Monami Construction

4. Tesco is a British supermarket chain with a complete range of goods, but the closest to UL is in the city center of Limerick. You need to take a 304 and walk a short distance after getting off the bus, to the Arthur’s Quay shopping center. But next to it is Penneys, a cheaper chain clothing store in Ireland, where you can buy some necessities such as home goods, clothes, and quilts and pillows.

Image by Fillit

By Luyi Wu


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