In this satirical blog, UL Student Ambassador tells us why studying abroad *definitely* isn’t for some people… or is it?

  1. If you like your mother’s pampering (and nagging) and cannot live without the food prepared by her, then you must definitely stay back home and not dare to live alone in a foreign country.
Image Source: memegenerator.net

2. Studying abroad can be a real pain if you like to earn pocket money from your folks and are afraid of being financially independent. In that case, my friend, it is better to occupy a basement at your folks’ place and never worry about a thing in the world.

Image Source: memecenter.com

3. If you do not like exploring diverse cultures and communicating to people from different countries, then you will definitely not enjoy being in Ireland as it contains approx. 15% of people belonging from other countries.

Image Source: makeameme.org

4. If it is cumbersome for you to mingle up with new people and enjoy their festivals, then studying abroad is a big NO for you.

Image Source: mamasgeeky.com

5. If you have an adorable pet who loves you with all its heart, then living away from it can be emotionally tedious and I would not recommend the same.

Image Source: Pinterest

6. If you are genuinely close to your cousins and relatives, then moving to another country without any of them would sound monotonous to you and you should think twice before shifting.

Image Source:Imgflip.com

7. If you do not like to listen adventurous stories of students from totally different cultures and parts of the world, then moving out of your country to study is not advisable.

Image Source: pinterest.com

8. If you are in a long-term committed relationship and afraid of long-distance relationships, then studying in any foreign country can be dangerous for your current relationship. So drop the plan! Now!

Image Source: awwmemes.com

9. If you are allergic to snow and do not like snowfall during the Christmas time, then remove all the cold countries like Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, etc. from your list of universities.

Image Source: cheezburger.com

10. If you have a phobia of finding germs in sand as well as beach water, then countries with coastal areas are a BIG NO-NO for you!

Image Source: Pinterest

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By Neetu Chopra


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