Bhangarh Fort: A Sanctuary of Ghosts

On the occasion of Halloween, let’s take you back to one of the mysterious stories from the most haunted places in India.

Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, India is known to be one of the bucket list destinations for inquisitive travelers. It is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, along the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve. People from all over the world venture into the fort to explore the truth for themselves. Some return with amplified suspense while others come back disappointed.

If you are a believer in supernatural activities or have a keen interest to discover the reality of inexplicable paranormal events, then Bhangarh fort is the place for you.

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The first legendary story begins with an ascetic saint, Guru Balu Nath, who used to meditate at this fort. The then reigning Emperor Madho Singh after valid approval from the saint built the entire city, thereby promising the saint that the shadow of his palace will not fall on his meditating area. And breaking the promise would mean wrecking the entire city.

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Once the construction of the palace completed, to Emperor’s surprise, it was shadowing the saint’s retreat. As a result, the entire city was cursed by the Guru and no one was ever able to build any structures there.

Amazingly, the saint’s tomb can still be seen in the deserted area of Bhangarh.

Another legendary story, more prominent than the first one, associated with the city involves Princess Ratnavati who was responsible for the chain of unfortunate incidents that have been happening in this city for centuries.

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She was believed to very beautiful and a black magician named Singhia fell in love with her. He bewitched the oil the princess was supposed to use. But Princess Ratnavati witnessed his trick and poured the oil on a massive rock. She used this rock to crush the magician and kill him.

While dying, the black magician, Singhia, cursed the city to death and it has not seen any rebirths since.

Not just that, the locals have claimed to have heard the crying voices of women, which they find hard to explain. Others have felt footsteps following them and the presence of a man around them. Some have been slapped by an invisible entity.

These stories have been rubbished by the scientists, but the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) has forbidden the entry of tourists to the fort as it is believed that anyone who has entered the fort after dusk has never returned.

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Are these stories a part of the fictional world which we like to share surrounding a bonfire while camping in the mountains? Or Bhangarh Fort is home to unhappy ghosts? Who can tell?

By Neetu Chopra


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