No right time or right age to study at University…..

Deepak Jaiswal (DJ) is a student ambassador with an interesting story when it comes to his time spent in education. In this blog he reminds us to push our limits and that it’s never too late to go back to college!

My Journey to study at University after 10 Years of the working life….

I did my M.B.A. from an Indian university in 2009, but; I was not happy. The reasons are many and I will not go into detail, but after spending two precious years of my life, when I was passing out; I asked myself, why I came to study at this college?  My experience was unfulfilling. I still had a desire to learn more, to live a life full of enthusiasm, exploration, questioning, and reasoning. To go and be adventurous and to have fun. There were no memories which I can preserve as my college life. 

I started working in a finance industry after passing out and received awards and praises for my work and dedication.

Even though I had fulfilling career and good prospects for a future life, my desire to live again, the student life, didn’t die.  So finally, in February 2019; I decided to quit my job and start study again. Trust me; it was not an easy decision. It took extraordinary courage and great pain to dump my stable job, leave my country and start a new phase of life as student again in a new country where no one knew me.  At the beginning, not many supported my decision, except a few members of my family. I received many weird reactions from people like “why are you going to study again at the age of 34, wasting time and money?”, “ruining your career at such crucial stage of life!” and the list went on.

However, criticism and future uncertainty didn’t stop my strong desire to “Live my life again”. Sometimes you must take courage to follow your heart and to seek your destiny in The Universe of the Unknown.

Finally, I am here at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Super excited and happy! Involved in so many activities (sky diving, mountain climbing, running, trekking) and enjoying a new flavour of life every day, as well as engaging myself in volunteering opportunities.

DO NOT limit yourself. There is so many good things in this world.  There are so many interesting people to meet and to experience their life styles and their cultures.

I believe in “Pushing Your Limits”. If you have a dream to study at university after years of working in industry – Do Not Stop Yourself! Don’t overthink it. Believe me; dreams come true. You just need determination and a positive mind-set to fulfil your dreams. Don’t bother with what other people think or say.

Keep pushing your limits! Explore the world with a quest for learning new things 😊

Yours Truly,

Deepak Jaiswal (DJ)


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