As assignment deadlines and exams loom closer student ambassador Joy Amaefule-Orie shares her tips for preparing for deadlines to ensure that you don’t get too stressed or overwhelmed. 

Now more than ever, especially with essay and assignments deadlines, there’s little or no time for anything. Suddenly it feels like we have less than 24 hours to work with. The fact that exams are just weeks away doesn’t help the tension at all and it can be overwhelming. At least for me it is.

But then I found a few things that helped me and decided to share.

  • Make a study plan: Having a study plan helps you plan your time and reading. That way you have some time slotted for each course depending on the priority and can work better towards deadlines especially if there are several of them.



  • Try as much as you can to stick to it: Sometimes we get carried away with other things and never stick to anything we start even though we don’t intent to. Make a conscious effort. Hard as it may be, remember nothing good comes easy. You could also set a reminder, so you don’t forget.


  • No procrastination: You don’t get to procrastinate when you make the study plan. As soon as you think it, do it. Like now!


  • Take a break: Occasionally, we need to sit back and take some air. After all, all work and no play… you know the rest. So, take a few minutes or an hour break from your books to relax your brain and then start out again.


It doesn’t get easier really. Personally, the only consolation here is that hard work pays and of course that this is just for a short while. Summer is almost here 🙂 and I can’t wait.

I do hope you have found this helpful in some way.


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