10 Struggles of being an American Study Abroad Student at UL

By Morgan Harm, University of Limerick (UL) International Student Ambassador

  Adjusting to the crazy time difference and remembering that just because you’re awake doesn’t mean everyone back home is…


Here’s to waiting five hours for someone to respond.

 Forgetting what the sun looks like


But when it does finally come out you’re both blinded and elated.

Being confused about which way to look when you’re crossing the street because the Irish drive on the opposite side of the road


All you want to do is get to class on time, is that so hard?

Trying to check what time it is, only to realize there are no clocks in any of your classroomsgksjuddjnppg0

How are you supposed to zone out and count down the minutes until class is over?!?

Trying to quickly pick up all of the Irish slang and decipher the Irish accentudzexrvcffgww

Yup, okay, so “craic” means fun, got it.

 And feeling dumb when you have to ask someone to repeat something


And you thought coming to an English speaking country would make your life easier…

Attempting to keep up with the Irish by going out every night…but you just can’t.


Because staying up late every night is hard and your check liver light is sure to come on any day now.

Ordering bacon and it’s actually ham…


But where’s the crispy crunchy goodness you’re used to?

Forgetting to turn on the immersion and submerging yourself in an ice cold shower


You will never take hot water for granted again.

(Editors Note, all UL on campus accommodation have electric showers, but it’s worth checking with your off campus accommodation, as some showers require immersion to be turned on 20 minutes prior to showering.)

Realizing that no matter what you wear the girls on campus will always be dressed better than you


Honestly how do they always look so good?

But at the end of the day just embrace all struggles because you know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


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