Bars, pubs and clubs: What to do on your night out in Limerick? 

After a long hard week of classes, coursework and tutorials, what better way to unwind than a night out with friends to blow off some steam! Whether your thing is a live band, a good pint, or some crazy dancing, Limerick has a little bit of everything when it comes to a night out on the town. Here are the 10 places you’ll end up eventually visiting (whether you like it or not!) on your nights out to the big city:

Step 1 – Bars

Red Hen: Do you like cocktails, good music and a lounge atmosphere? You will definitely fall in love with the Red hen and their comfy sofas. You can also taste their succulent pizza accompanied by a drink for only 12€. It’s also worth mentioning that the Red Hen is one of the places open the latest… located on O’connel street, in front of Artur Quay’s.


Copper room: One of the trendiest hidden gems in the downtown core. Lovely tappas and wine bar with stunning copper decor; perfect for a girl’s night out or even a romantic date, the staff is very friendly and the food is great, just don’t get there too late as it gets very busy! Another great place on O’connel street.


Smyths: If you’re looking to just go out with friends, have a pint or two and listen to some great live bands while dancing to the tunes, Smyth’s is the place to be. A bar with a pub feel, they have smiling staff, great drink deals, and if you’re lucky, maybe a special promotion or two. This is also the bar that leads you to the infamous ICON, more on that later 😉 Denmark street.


Step 2 – Pubs

Nancy Blakes : Being one of Limerick’s most popular pubs, Nancy’s offers traditional music (some good live music by Pat Fitz band every Sunday), as well as some great music pumping from the speakers on a Friday night! Here you will find a great mixture of the younger and older crowd, a massive courtyard, and one of the best summer hangouts in the city. Located just across from Smyth’s Bar!


Dolan’s Pub : Best place ever for traditional music and good drinks, Dolans is a beautiful place to spend an evening, with the low ceilings, leather booths and candles. In addition to the trad music, there are also many famous bands that pop in to play – check it out! This little gem can be found at 4 Dock Road.


Costello’s Tavern : An overall good time place for a night out, and a favorite among the undergraduates at UL! Costello’s downstairs is a perfectly furnished traditional Irish pub where (wait for it)… you can also find a beer pong table in order for you to impress your friends with your master skills. Later, you can go upstairs and enjoy the bar; comes with a DJ and a pretty rad dance floor. Located on Dominic Street


Locke Bar: If you’re more of the laid back, traditional pub feel-type – then Locke Bar is probably the place for you. Not only is it a great place to have a pint with the lads, but the food there is to die for and the music is always great. Whether it be a trad session, or a in-house DJ, there is always some type of music playing, adding to the lively atmosphere of this little two-storey pub on the side of the river. Located at 3 Georges Quay.


Jenny Flannery’s : Located at the corner of in Catherine and Cecile Street, you can’t miss this incredible pub; white, mock Tudor, timber-frame building, with a giant rugby ball sticking out of the wall, it’s pretty hard to miss! Bar or cosy corner, Jerry’s has it all. TV screens all round if you want to watch the match, if you don’t, get into the Guinness and have a chat with the locals. You will really appreciate the atmosphere, very warm and friendly.


Step 3 – Clubs

Icon: TO THE CLUB! If your goal on a night out is to be dancing the night away until the wee hours of the morning, then look no further than ICON. It’s a two level, two dance-floor, 5 bars type of place with all of the chart-topper music and great mixes – the DJ knows his stuff! So put on that awful pair of heels, call your girls, and slip into that dress because you’re heading to ICON! Located on Denmark street.


Step 4 – KEBAB!!

Let’s not forget, after all that dancing, music, drinking and fun, everyone really just needs some form of late-night munchies. Look no further than Top Pizza Kebab on Cornmarket Row (just on the other side of ICON) – where you can get all the Kebab and pizza you could possibly eat! Mmmm.


By University of Limerick International Students Kristin Delcellier & Marina Vernaton

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