Life after the University of Limerick

By UL Student Leo Liu, MA International Tourism, class of 2005

I attended the course MA International Tourism, class of 2005. I lived in a neighborhood that I couldn’t even pronounce the name in the first place. However, this didn’t stop me learning, nor did it stop me making friends. I was able to study and enjoy myself at the same time.

I had three weeks work experiences at the end of the course in the beautiful Adare Manor hotel and golf course.  What a wonderful experience! I had started my career in hospitably long before this, but this has nailed it.  adare-manor-castle-ireland-7

What made me today, was not only the time I spent in UL but also the time I spent in Limerick city and Ireland with the Irish people. They taught me to be happy, hospitable and the positive attitude towards life. If I had the chance to choose, I would do it again without hesitation.

poul na mbron

Go raibh maith agaibh!!

Leo is currently Director of Restaurants & Bars for Swire Hotels in East Bejing.

Precious Lee (3)

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