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When you live in Limerick for a while, there are some words you start  hearing that seem a bit odd, but you’ll catch on eventually. Whether at the pub, in class, or in normal conversation, these phrases are good to know if you’re planning on coming to Ireland!

1. Ye

Plural of you.

This one you’ll hear all the time. Used in everyday conversation.

“How did ye finish the homework when the rugby game was on?”

2. Spoofer

Someone who lies

“That lad is a spoofer; told me he went home at 11 last night but Billy saw him at the pub after midnight.”

3. I will, yeah.

No I won’t.

Person 1: “Will you help me carry this bag inside?”

Person 2: “I will, yeah.”

Person 2: *doesn’t carry bag inside*


4. Naw

No way

“Want to go to the gym with me?”

“Naw, you’re crazy”

5. Panned out

Laid out on the sofa/bed/floor

Example 1 “Siobhán called me to go shopping in Pennys night but I was panned out on the sofa, so I was going nowhere”

Example 2 “I wanted to chat to Séan about his weekend trip, but the poor lad was exhausted and by the time I got home at 8pm he was already panned out ”

6. The tide wouldn’t take her out

To describe a very unattractive woman

“She looked terrible, the tide wouldn’t even take her out.”

7. D’ya know what I mean like?

Do you understand what I’m saying?

“I hate vegetables, d’ya know what I mean like?”

8. You okay?

Asking if you can help someone, usually used by an employee at a café or store at the checkout.

“Hi there, you okay?”

9. How are you getting on?

How are you?

“G’morning lads, how are you getting’ on?”

10. Acting the maggot

Someone being annoying

“Billy had one too many pints. He’s acting the maggot, what a fool.”


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