7 Christmas Movies Every Irish Student Must Watch

1st of December is here and we can officially start talking Christmas. In between doing assignments and studying, we recommend you get in the festive season and get and watching Christmas movies!

Your assignment pile is starting to get slightly lighter and you are studying hard, so lets talk study breaks! In between your UL Christmas exams and studying, there’s still time to squeeze in these Christmas movies! Instead of aimlessly wandering through the TV Gudie or Netflix browsing lists of Christmas movies, we recommend you get straight to our top 7 Christmas Movies for Irish students (this includes international students who are studying in Ireland of course)!

Home Alone


Feeling Homesick? This might seem like a depressing choice for the holidays, but Home Alone is a classic. Book some time with your housemates, put on the pop corn, and enjoy the Classic Home Alone Movie. If you’ve got time, fit in the second one too!

The Snapper


An all time classic Irish movie. If you are Irish, you’ve already seen this, but if it is on TV during the holidays you will watch it again. Roddy Doyle’s story brought to life, if you have some extra time (in between studying), the book is an excellent read!

The Santa Clause


If this head elf Bernard is not enough to make you turn on The Santa Clause this Christmas, we will also remind you of the adorable cuteness of this father and son Christmas classic. This movie will bring that Christmas homey feeling to you, no matter where in the world you are.

The Commitments


This 1991 Irish movie is another Roddy Doyle adaptation. If you have not seen this movie, take a break, get it and watch it. It is a classic piece of Irish culture and a Christmas favourite in Ireland. Many of the musicians in this movie such as Glen Hansard of The Frames and The Corrs, went on to achieve fame following this movie. Fantastic soundtrack and up their in the top Irish movies of all time.



Will Ferrell at his finest, reminding us all of the innocence of childhood! This re-watchable Christmas movie makes the list because it seems to get funnier on every viewing.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Tim Burton brings us something that fits nicely between Christmas and Halloween! If you are struggling to take off your liquid latex scars and put down the fake blood, this might be the movie to help you make that transition to Christmas.

The Butcher Boy


The butcher boy is another Classic Irish movie that will almost definitely be aired on Irish television over the Christmas. You might have seen this 20 times, but if it comes on TV, you will sit down and watch it again. If you haven’t seen this movie, for some bizarre reason, keep an eye on the TV guide because it is an absolute much watch Irish classic.

What is your favourite Christmas movie to help take your mind off exams and get you into the festive season?

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