Off-campus accommodation at UL by Allison Weiner, UL International Student Ambassador

Allison Weiner, USAWe asked Allison Weiner, UL International Student Ambassador, to share her tips for finding off-campus accommodation at UL.  Here’s what she had to say:

Living off-campus is very convenient as most off-campus accommodation comes fully furnished.  Off-campus rent is usually cheaper than on-campus housing and utilities are either relatively cheap or included in rent which is ideal for money conscious students.

If you are looking for off-campus housing around UL but are not currently in Ireland or don’t have friends in Ireland to look for you, don’t worry! There are easily accessible means of finding off campus housing no matter where you are in the world.

My preferred method for searching for off-campus housing is:


Daft is a wonderful site for looking for housing surrounding UL.  My recommendations for filling in the rent tab are the following:

Select County/City:  Limerick City

All Areas:  Castletroy

Take into consideration that you will likely be living with strangers however they will most likely be students like yourself.

Top Tip! Shop around and don’t let yourself be disheartened if your first search turns up nothing! Available housing change every day so keep looking!

  1. Facebook

International students at UL make up a large society here at UL and thus there are always Facebook groups devoted to international students at UL for each year. Join the 2015/2016 Facebook group and meet your future international friends and possible housemates

Use what resources are available to you, such as Facebook, to post about searching for an apartment or roommates. You might find other students to live/apartment hunt with you or you may find someone with knowledge of an available apartment near UL campus.

Whether you live on-campus or off-campus, you will have an amazing semester at UL! Enjoy this adventure and don’t hold back! Travel when and wherever you can and meet as many people as possible. Your time abroad will undeniably influence who you are as a person and your future path in life so open yourself up to all possibilities.

Enjoy your adventure!

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  1. Alan Doyle says:

    I would prefer to live on campus, since I am an International student from the USA. I want to totally immerse myself in the UL experience, and not have to be concerned about such mundane things as commuting to college each day.


    1. Hello Alan,

      Thank you for your comment. I believe that you were in contact with my colleague, Triona, who informed you that you were unsuccessful in securing on-campus accommodation. I would highly recommend that you start looking for off-campus accommodation as soon as possible as demand is high.

      Warm Regards,



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