8 fun things to do in Limerick City by Amber Patton, EI International Student Ambassador

1. The Milk Market

Located near the city centre, the Limerick Milk Market is the perfect place to stock up on fruits, veggies, meat, bread, cheese, chocolate—really anything you want! If food isn’t want you fancy, then enjoy the stands full of handmade jewellery, hand bags, books, and clothes. If you find yourself in Limerick on Saturday and need lunch, check out the curry stand… it’s the best curry around!

2. King John’s Castle

The remains of a Viking settlement were uncovered during archaeological excavations at the site in 1900. Did you know that 800 years ago Limerick used to be a walled city? You can still see bits of the wall scattered around the city. The castle itself is beautiful and located right on the banks of the Shannon River. King John was ruled in the 13th century and has been called “the Lord of Ireland.” Those who pay for a tour will see the castle, the bishops’ quarters and you will receive a survivor coin for visiting.

3. The Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum is home to private collections of art that date back to the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Neolithic ages. There are beautiful art works from Roderic O’Conor, and even William B. Yeats. If you get a chance stop in and see their special exhibits. Students get it for cheap and for free on Sundays. If you like art and museums this is the place for you.

4. The Stormy Teacup

A hidden gem on Fox’s Bow Street, the Stormy Teacup is a quaint little coffee house that serves everything from tea to pastries. There are comfy couches, books and board games. Every Tuesday they host movie events with free admission and every so often they house music events. If you’re looking for a place with a great atmosphere and great coffee, this is the place to visit!


Photo via Stormy Teacup Facebook

5. Dolans Pub

Looking for an evening with live traditional music and good drinks? Dolans pub is a beautiful place to spend an evening with its low ceilings, leather booths and candles. Bands like Villagers, The Darkness, and Waterboys all visit Dolans to perform.

6. The Crescent Shopping Centre

Easily accessible by using the Limerick City 304 bus, the Crescent is a fantastic place for a shopping day. From H&M to Claire’s Accessories, you will find it all here. Be sure to check out Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, there are some good American treats there.

7. Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle is located just 10 minutes outside Limerick City. It is very hard to miss this beautiful castle. It rises out of the countryside and is a breath taking sight. What makes this castle so unique is that they hold nightly medieval meals. You’ll eat with your hands, listen to medieval music learn all about the castle and its history. It’s roughly around 40 euros for the all you can eat meal and endless wine.

8. Costello’s Tavern

Are you staying the night in Limerick? Want to experience some true Irish culture? Then visit Costello’s Tavern on Dominic Street. Family owned, Costello’s downstairs is a beautiful furnished pub complete with an outdoor smoking area and beer pong tables in the back. Upstairs, with its own bar and DJ, is a nightclub where you can dance late into the night! This is one of my favourite places for a night out!


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