My Charity Week at UL by Marian Jones Brooks


Well I did not understand the hype of Charity week until Ashley, my buddy from the
International Exchange Programme, was begging me to sign up for Shave or Dye. I
wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it, but I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. My mind
changed quickly once I found myself on the stage in the Stables courtyard in
front of hundreds of my fellow students. I began to think, “What did I sign
myself up for?” The exciting part was that only my bangs were dyed and I helped
raise money for local charities because people had to sponsor me. I also
enjoyed the paint glow party. I never experienced anything like it before, so I
was amped to see what the environment would be like. It was everything
advertised and more! I loved when they sprayed the paint in the crowd and I had fun decorating my face too.


The Keywest performance was class and I can officially say I am a fan. My favourite
song is “I Never Loved You Anyway”, which they performed live in the Stables
courtyard once we all began shouting for an encore.


 Lastly, I put a little twist on my Charity
Week and ended it at the Mrs. Carter show in Dublin. Beyoncé is such a breathtaking
performer and the O2 is a great venue. The concert was captivating as she sang
a mixture of classics and new songs. Everyone in the building was in unison
singing and dancing along with her. Overall, I had a memorably epic Charity Week.


I was able to have some extreme fun and complete my assignments. I guess at the
end of the day it’s all about finding a balance that suits you. Many people say
“work hard, play hard(er)” or  “work smarter, not harder” , so its just about figuring out how you can take part in what UL has to offer and manage school work; but I am living proof that it can be done…even at the masters level!!


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