Happy Christmas and a Merry A1 to All Students by Marian Brooks

UL is in the Christmas spirit and I love it! From Christmas days on campus to lighting ceremonies in the city, there has been so much to do on campus and in town. I must say my favorite experience during my holiday experience was watching The Late Late Toy Show with my basketball teammates. The Late Late Show is Ireland’s most popular and prestigious television show, and is the longest running chat show in the world, hosted by Ryan Tubridy.


Outside of the Kemmy Business School stands a larger than life Christmas tree

It is so heart-warming because the Christmas show is all about displaying the local children’s talent, identifying what the best toys are and then giving them all away to charities across Ireland. It reminded me of my childhood too because I also knew about all the toys, how they worked and where to get them! The Late Late Toy Show also gives prizes throughout the night to the audience and each child on stage gets to talk about their favorite toy and what it means to them. It is such class and I truly enjoyed watching it.

A part from the show, Christmas jumpers are live and in full effect! I wasn’t prepared this year, but next year I will be in Penny’s searching frantically for the perfect jumper. Perhaps I will go for one that lights up. The most common theme that is shared between the U.S. and Ireland around this time, is that all students are also studying for their exams.
Essentially it’s the Christmas spirit mixed in with the study life.

Pictured is delicious food from Thanks-Mas, an event that combined Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays for friends from all over.

Pictured is delicious food from Thanks-Mas, an event that combined Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays for friends from all over.

I am using all of the holiday spirit as energy to study for my exams because I will be going back home December 18th-January 3rd. There is nothing like four exams to get the adrenaline pumping. I would spend the night at the Kemmy Business School, if it were possible. My focus is on getting as many A1s as possible. I wish all my fellow students the best of luck with their exams too! Whether you are cramming or have been planning for this moment all semester, now is the time to show what you have learned. I am really looking forward to catching up with my family and friends. It will be great and I will share everything I have experienced, until next time…



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